Investing in EAWC Technologies...

We believe that investing in EAWC is a timely and responsible investment 


We believe with Worldwide dealers in place, EAWC is poised to gain an enormous market share of the water & renewable energy market. We believe the wide variety of energy-generating products gives EAWC flexibility to compete with the biggest players in the water & energy business.

Eurosport Active World Corp.

We believe that with EAWC, you have a unique opportunity to invest in:

  • Turnkey technologies from Germany & Switzerland.
  • Turnkey solutions with a significant potential for growth around the World.
  • Clean, energy-and-cost saving solutions that are: easy to install; mobile; self-contained; and, built to last.
  • Carbon Tax-Free Projects.
  • A strong management team with: extensive technological expertise in the field of renewable energy; hands-on experience in various developing countries; and, a proven track-record in industrial production, marketing and finance.
  • High added value and a host of competitive advantages.

Having international distributor licenses, patents and the advantage of German & Swiss technologies,  EAWC has a big leverage compared to other companies in this field.

EAWC welcomes Investors interested in the wealth of our water and energy projects.