Municipal Utility, Lünen

In co-operation with the Ardagh glassworks, "Stadtwerke Lünen" (municipal utility) use waste gas heat from the glass production for several purposes

The initial gas temperature of 460 °C is cooled down to 230 °C in a waste heat recovery steam generator (WRSG). On a high-pressure pipe the steam from the WRSG is then used by a steam motor to produce electrical energy. From that high-pressure pipe, a medium- and a low-pressure pipe supply the production plant with steam.

The Energy Module is integrated in the medium-pressure system in parallel to other facilities relevant for the production cycle. Only steam which is not required for other purposes is fed into the Energy Module with a pressure of about 3 bar at 133 °C. It is reduced to of 1.3 bar, producing additional electrical energy. The expanded steam with a temperature of approximately 107 °C is fed into a heat condenser for delivery into the district heating network.

Sand-Lime Brick Factory, Höltinghausen

At the sand-lime brick factory in Höltinghausen, autoclaves are used for hydrothermal hardening of calcareous sandstone.

The autoclaves are filled with steam and kept under a steam pressure of up to 16 bar for up to 8 hours, depending on the composition of the mixture. When the hardening process is completed the steam is supplied to other autoclaves. The remainder of the steam, which still has exergic energy, is reduced by means of the Energy Module from a pressure of 4 bar to a lower pressure; at the same time electrical energy is produced. The expanded steam is used in a preheater for production of processed condensate and fresh water.

Brickworks in Körblingen (Switzerland)

In a kiln the bricks are baked and hardened. Thermo-oil is used for heat recovery.

It is heated with the hot gas from the kiln and is then transported through pipes to sites where heat is required for production purposes. Among others, waste heat is used for production of steam which is the fed into the Energy Module to produce electrical energy. The expanded steam with a temperature of approximately 105 °C is used in a heat condenser for heating purposes.

Biomass Power Plant

The biomass power plant is operated with biogenous solid fuels such as residuals from wood-working or forest wood unsuitable as timber or lumber.

Steam overheated in the waste heat boiler is supplied to a condensing turbine for production of electricity. The Energy Module is assembled between turbine and vaccum condenser so that the increased pressure difference of the remaining steam can be used for production of additional electrical energy. The condensate is processed and pumped back into the boiler. 


At the cokery, process steam is filtered by means of steam washers. For protection of the washers the pressure of the process steam must be reduced from 3.3 bar to 1.3 bar.

The Energy Module is switched in parallel to an existing pressure reducing station. It expands the steam, reduces the pressure and produces electrical energy.