EAWC is convinced that there could be not sustainability with out R&D. Partnerships with leading universities and institutes are now in place to ensure the performance, efficiency and innovation of our solutions.

Our partners:



Our projects:

  • Anthropotechnology
  • Atmosphere Water Generators
  • Solar Power Water Technologies
  • Plasma Systems


EAWC is attentive to human, social, environmental and ethical issues related to the management of water resources throughout the world. We are committed to promoting technological choices respectful of people and their needs in different contexts each time. The implementation of these choices based on an understanding of very fine ways of thinking and acting of future users. These practices also fall in world cultural, geographic, political, economic which we attach the greatest importance in the early stages of our work. The Anthropotechnology expertise that we apply on each project has over 40 years of international experiences in the field of user-centered design and contexts usage. In Switzerland, it is represented by the research laboratory EDANA (www.edana.ch), which is attached to domain engineering Haute Ecole Arc of the city of Neuchâtel. This original and innovative partnership allows the implementation of technologies that rely on high-level knowledge developed in conjunction with users at all stages of our projects.