Global Waste Production

1.6 - 2.0 billion Tons/year

Landfills causing pollution of the local environment, such as contamination of groundwater or aquifers or soil contamination. Methane is naturally generated by decaying organic wastes in a landfill, it is a potent greenhouse gas,

88 Dumpsite and 1626 Landfills estimated on the world 2014

Top 5 MSW generation:

1. China: 300,000,000 t/yr

2. USA: 228,614,990 t/yr

3. India: 226,572,283 t/yr

4. Brazil 62,730,096 t/yr

5. Indonesia 59,100,000 t/yr

Sanitary Landfills


Crude Oil


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Waste to Energy (WtE)

Energy from the waste

Significant valuable recourses are created from the EAWC Waste Management Process. For Example, 1000 tons-per day of waste is processed at a typical large municipality.

The operation's daily output, could be hundreds of thousands Kilowatt hours, millions of gallons drinking water and millions of cubic feet of valuable hydrogen gas for sustainable power generation.


Is a clean technology that can turn a variety of low-value feedstock’s like waste (MSW), biomass, carbon-such as coal, petroleum coke into synthetic gas (syngas). The process gasify this material in a higher temperature of 3,000 °C+ (5,432 °F) with very little air or oxygen. Gasification uses only a fraction of the oxygen that would be needed to burn the material. Heat is supplied directly by partial oxidation of the carbon in the feedstock. Ash remains as a residual. The syngas can be burned in a turbine to produce electricity or further processed to manufacture chemicals, fertilizers, liquid fuels, substitute natural gas, or hydrogen.

WtE Markets

Civilian & Military Ships

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